STR POWER has been active for over 30  years in the field of Electromechanical works and is among the most experienced technical companies in the sectors where it carries out business.

STR POWER’s objective is to provide services to the highest specifications in the field of electromechanical railway construction, through employment of expertly-trained staff and the application of all the key quality and safety specifications demanded by the market.

The construction site equipment owned by the Company, in conjunction with the experience gained in railway networks (electrified and otherwise), enable the Company to undertake, manage and successfully execute all forms of electrification works, in full compliance with its contractual obligations.


Since 2004, the Company has also successfully undertaken electrification and infrastructure works for the suburban railway line connecting Eleftherios Venizelos Airport to Kiato.

Our Company undertakes the construction of all types of electromechanical works for railway systems, electrification, and, in particular:

  • Building/Earthworks
  • Excavations
  • Shuttering and concreting
  • Installation of prefabricated cement and metal channels/shafts
  • Construction of rail track crossings
  • OCL mechanical works
  • Erection and installation of electrification towers
  • Installation of rails
  • Installation of spikes
  • Assembly and installation of consoles
  • Assembly and preparation of all types of components for OCL installation
  • OCL works
  • Installation of overhead wire and contact conductor
  • Installation of return line
  • Installation of overhead conductor
  • Installation and setting of hangers
  • Setting of counterweights on towers
  • OCL electromechanical works
  • Installation of all types of medium-voltage cables
  • Installation of all types of low-voltage cables
  • Installation of circuit breakers and transformers on masts
  • Installation of all types of switches on masts
  • Installation of voltage surge protection equipment
  • Installation of grounding systems and equipotential bonding
  • Signaling works
  • Signal box
  • Track circuit
  • Signal lights
  • Security and Monitoring works
  • Installation of remote monitoring systems
  • Installation of CCTV systems
  • Complete fire protection system equipment
  • Installation and parameterization of control cabinets


STR POWER has a dedicated maintenance department providing services as follows:

  • By agreement for comprehensive  24/7 coverage
  • For specific maintenance work, following client requests