STR POWER has introduced an organized health and safety system. It complies with all legislative requirements pertaining to occupational health and safety at work, in an effort to provide all its employees with safe and healthy working conditions.

The company’s key objective is to ensure that no employee of the company, or the client, or its associates suffers injury or health problems in the course of their work.

Acknowledging its responsibilities and obligations towards people and the environment, STR POWER implements EU environmental legislation and proposes the most environmentally-friendly technological solutions.

In particular, the Company focuses on:

  • Compliance with EU legislation on the environment
  • Saving energy
  • Securing essential human and technical resources to achieve its environmental objectives
  • Working to raise staff awareness in matters related to the environment, and health and safety at work
  • Selecting its suppliers based on environmental criteria as well as other factors

A primary objective and commitment of the company’s management team is to ensure the compliance of its quality system with the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for all its activities, thus securing the highest quality work and absolute satisfaction of the client.

The Company actively embraces corporate social responsibility, recognizing that while construction plays a crucial role in economic progress, it must be conducted in a manner that safeguards both employees and the environment. Moreover, it acknowledges its duty to positively engage with and support local communities. STRIKOS STR POWER demonstrates its commitment through various sponsorships of cultural and sports initiatives organized by philanthropic organizations, alongside other endeavors aimed at aiding those in need.

For the Company, however, social responsibility is a wider concept that is not aimed only at supporting isolated groups of people, but should also aim to improve the quality of life and safety of its employees, of communities in the proximity of its construction sites, and the beneficiaries of its projects.

The company accordingly operates an organized Quality Assurance and Safety Department that supports the implementation of quality, health and safety, and environmental impact management systems.

At STR integrity is paramount. Our policy against corruption and bribery ensures strict adherence to legal and ethical standards. We invest resources in proactive measures to prevent misconduct and empower employees to uphold transparency. With zero tolerance for unethical behavior, we foster a culture of accountability and trust. This commitment underscores our dedication to ethical leadership and upholding human rights.